Thanksgiving Thank Yous.

Thanksgiving was a hectic event, as always, but I thought I should take a moment to thank some people. A day late, but at least today I know they’ll see it.

To my writing friends. 

Thank you for your support, the solid kick in the ass and most of all the warm and fuzzies. You’ve been fantastic. Without you, I’d still be dreaming of being an author instead of being one.

To my kids.

Thank you for being my support team. My little go-mom squad. You guys are the best. I love you both dearly.

To my husband.

Thank you for being you. You make me laugh more often than you make me mad and after almost 20 years of marriage I think that says a lot. lol Your humor has probably saved your bacon more than once. I love you sweetie. *smooches*

To everyone else.

Thank you for being you. You, the stranger who happened upon this note. We may never have met and you may not even know who I am, but you need to be thanked too. Maybe someone forgot to tell you thank you for just existing. For just being who you are. Everyone is special and you have affected someone in your life in a positive way. For that you need to be thanked. So, happy belated Thanksgiving to you and I hope you affect many more people in a positive way in the future.

Have a great holiday everyone.

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