Shopping the Manuscript

Some weeks are better than others when it comes to writing, especially when it comes to finding the right place to send your manuscript. That isn’t always easy. Research can take up countless hours of checking and rechecking reputable publishers, private chit-chats with friends who are published at various houses and of course, the quality of work set out by the publisher.

When you toss in certain aspects of your work, you’ll naturally start narrowing down the right publisher for you. Some publishers like their romance hot, others like it sweet, some publishers don’t take much m/m, and other are strictly GLBT.

Sending your work to the wrong publisher is just asking for a painful rejection, which will probably come in the shape of those dreaded form rejections. I’ve gotten my fair share of those, even after doing my research but you can save yourself unnecessary pain by actually buying a few books and exploring the tone of what a publisher sell.

Clearly this is on my mind because I’ve been shopping a manuscript myself. It’s a ¬†frustrating process when you have a good book but need to find the right place to send it.

Wish me luck. I have a feeling this particular manuscript is going to need it more than the rest. Its just one of those books that doesn’t quite fit the usual mold. Here’s hoping my baby finds a home .:)


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3 responses to “Shopping the Manuscript

  1. jarrah dale

    Good luck with it! I’m sure it will find one. I think there are a lot of new markets out there right now that want content. If not, u could ways self publish and go on to the next one.

  2. What I mean to say is, I take an ala cart view to publishing!

  3. cmtorrens

    lol, thanks Jarrah. *hugs*

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