A Little Tuesday Inspiration

Good morning. I found some interesting things for you today. I hope they spark your creativity and even better, you have fun with it.

I’m not sure where I found this but while browsing I stumbled across this. I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Superhero slash anyone?

I don’t usually write fanfic but this statue sure makes me tempted to give it a try. Just for fun of course, it would probably never see the light of day, but it’d be fun. I mean, Batman has all those wonderful gadgets … *cough*

Anyway… this next one is fun too. I’m just in a fun sort of mood today. The don’t take yourself too seriously sort of mood. It’s good for you to laugh.

This is Merry Christmas by Hankins over at deviantart. Isn’t this cute? lol Poor snowman. He looks a wee bit upset.

The artist has some really interesting art in his gallery, well worth checking out. He’s got neat 3D work that are very well done.

Last but not least, something a little more my speed, but no less fun. This Christmas piece is called Once Upon a Christmas by Dholl.

I love the feel of this piece. Fun, dark and spooky all wrapped up into one great little image. Great stuff.

Well, I hope these left you with something to have fun with. Have a great holiday.

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