Our New Monster Baby

I think I was a glutton for punishment, but recently we were at the pet store (I think you see where this is going) and we happened to see an adorable little fluff-ball. She’s chocolate brown with a patch of white on her chest. We couldn’t resist how sweet she was and bought her that day. When we took to the vet she weighed 20 lb. at just over 8wks old. Yes, she will be a monster, an adorable Newfoundland monster.

Until buying our beautiful little baby girl, Pantera, I had forgotten how time consuming puppies are. Potty training, isn’t the only problem, we have two other dogs that want extra attention now too. With the puppy a bundle of energy my house is a filled with the loud sounds of playful barking and tug-o-war competitions in the living room.

Writing is almost impossible these days, but it’s worth it. Thank goodness puppies grow up quickly or I’d go out of my mind. I don’t see how a person with an actual human baby can find the time to write.

So, to all those writers who have small children, my hats off to you for somehow making it work. Babies are three times more time consuming than a little puppy, so way to go super-writer-parents, you’re superheroes in my book.


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5 responses to “Our New Monster Baby

  1. Oh my god. MORE PUPPY PICTURES!!!!

  2. Awww, now I have puppy envy. Hmmm….

  3. I’m a writer and also just got a new brown Newfoundland monster! They are soooo worth it. How is she doing now?

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