Naughty News and Nonsense.

Happy New Years day everyone. Hope you all had a great night last night, and that everyone got home safe and sound.

I have a few fun announcements for this month. I think you’ll enjoy these little treats.

* * * * *

Marco! Polo!

A friend of mine came up with a great contest for Twitter to celebrate Marco Polo and his amazing travels. Here’s the deal:

Jan 9, we’re playing Marco Polo on Twitter. Simple rules: At some point during the day of January 9th, you yell MARCO on Twitter. The first person to @ you with POLO wins a book from you. DM them for an address and send the book right away. It can be digital or print, author’s choice. The winner must follow you on Twitter so you can DM them.

I’ll be playing as well as some great author friends of mine. The list of authors signing up to play is growing everyday, so keep an eye out, some of your favorite authors might be playing and who doesn’t like free books?

If you’re an author or just looking to see who’s on the growing list, take a look here. Marco Polo Day on Twitter. If you @ me when I yell Marco! on Twitter you’ll win a free copy of His Soul To Take.

* * * * *

Haunted Kisses

I have a free read short coming out the 14th of January. The cover is causing the delay but that should be over soon. *crosses fingers* I’ll be stuffing all my free stories under the title of, Haunted Kisses

I hope you all enjoy them. I know I enjoyed writing them.

Have a great year everyone.


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