Its Horror, Its Hot… Its Great News!

You have no idea what a fantastic announcement this is to me. Amber Quill Press Amber Allure line, has accepted my story, my baby, In the Heart of Darkness. Now I have to say, this is doubly good because you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to be one of those precious Invite Only Amber Authors, and this story is one of my favorites. I can’t tell you how I’ve worried about this one. Its horror, its hot, its gay romance, it’s all those things that make me go, ooooo, and all those things that made me go… omg, will this sell? I thought if anyone would take it, it might be AQP, but the invite only status had me weeping in my beer.

After a horrid summer of writer’s block and family troubles, I was just getting back into the swing of things when a friend mentioned that AQP was opening up to all submission.

I gasped and pulled out my beautiful little WiP and did another polish on it and after much panic, finally hit the send button.

2012 had not been a good year for me. I had so many rejection letters I thought my first sale had to be a fluke. Thank god for writing friends or I might have tossed every last WiP into the recycle bin. Well, maybe not, but there might have been tears over wine and plenty of cyber hugs to go around.

The first month of the year has turned my entire year of 2012 into a horrid memory I hope I never repeat.

Anyway, that’s my news, with a tentative release date of March 31 and print to come mid-to-late April, I really hope you enjoy it. Devonn and Mitch are a great pair. I hope you like them and the dark world they’ve come to live in.

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