Adventures in Plot Bunny Land

So, I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about on this blog. I’m not big on blogging (no surprise there, right? lol) but thought maybe I’d share a bi-weekly plot bunny adventure. I have writing friends who very much enjoy tossing plot bunnies around and see what sticks and to whom. So, I thought I’d have some fun with the concept.

Episode I

The chat room is silent but Twitter is a buzz with activity as the clock chimes mid-day. The names of the offending Plot Bunny Enablers have been changed to protect the innocent. Ha! Who am I kidding, I don’t have innocent friends.

A dark plot bunny sniffed at Ell’s leg, and blinked its pitch black eyes at her. He was perfect for someone who insisted they didn’t write sci-fi.

“Can I have a carrot?” It asked.

Ell smiled a touch of dark glee twinkled in her eyes. “Sure. We were just talking about something like you.” She scooped up the little dark bunny and joined her group of friends in empty landscape.

The twin suns beat down overhead and the dust stirred around the group as Ell settled down with her new bunny.

“Look at this Sash, isn’t it cute?” Ell asked.

Sash huffed and rolled her eyes at the bunny. “I am impervious to your taunts.”

“But look, he has stars in his eyes, just for you.”

KK chuckled and rubbed her sexy chin. “Awww, just look at him. He’s adorable. He needs goggles. He’d be so fun to write about.”

Sash glared at her. “I do not write sci-fi.”

“You don’t need to write sci-fi for that bunny,” Chrissy said, pondering her own attraction to the bunny. “Look at that. He’s nice and dark. You could write him as a horror.”

“With aliens.” Ell agreed. “Must have alien.”

“Insect aliens.”



“Not symbiots.” Ell hummed thoughtfully taking a closer look at the bunny. “Its been suggested to me there needs to be an exoskeleton.”

Sash rolled her eyes. “You all are nuts.”

“Yes, well you like us anyway.” Chrissy refilled the classes of wine over the growing star chart between them. “Look at that, a little ship is crashing somewhere. A space station?”

KK chuckled. “Ell, I think he likes you.”

“No-no-no, I picked this one up for Sash,” Ell said and handed the bunny another carrot. “He is cute though.”

“No, not a space station because how do aliens get on the station to begin with,” Chrissy said.

KK studied Ell a long moment. “I think its growing attached, Ell. I’d put it down if I were you. And look at that, you can’t blame me for this one. HA!”

Ell cursed as she tried to put the bunny down. Its pitch black eyes stared up at her,  fur sticking to her hand. “Damn it! I think I bunnied myself.”

Chrissy sipped her wine. “Glad he stuck to you and not me. He was starting to look pretty attractive.”

Sash snickered. “See, not my bunny. I don’t write sci-fi.”

KK smirked at Sash. “Just wait. Give us time. I’m sure we’ll find one just for you.”


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2 responses to “Adventures in Plot Bunny Land

  1. Not sure who these innocent people are, but that bunny has nice eyes!

  2. *giggles* oh god, I miss chat, but this brought it back.

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