Adventures in Plot Bunny Land II

PLOTBUNNYWhen an innocent walk through Pinterest turns into a bunny mob all because you decided to rearranged your boards. It all began with an innocent comment by Ell.



Episode II

“I’m trying to look up images for Khan (her adorable fuzzy little dragon creature from one of her books). He’s fuzzy, I’m thinking something like this.” Ell said and popped up a link of a cute little ferret in chat.

Chrissy stared at her pinterest boards open in another window. “Huh, I don’t have many dragon images. Let me see what I can find.”

Conversation in chat drifted into the background as Chrissy started her google-fu. She soon found herself creating another board and pinned several images of dragon and fae and other mythical creatures.

Realizing she was getting a bit obsessed and sidetracked she stopped and checked the main board on pinterest to examine the recent pins.

Handsome men filled the screen beside images of dragons and other interesting tidbits. Ghostly images and bright eyed nymphs all begged for a story of their own. They looked so fascinating, Chrissy had to stop and stare just to enjoy the view.

Bunnies attacked out of no where. They jumped out from behind bright eyed men and muscle bound hulks. Mobs of them. They carried little ropes and mischievous smiles as they circled the unsuspecting writer. One was wearing a kilt, and shouted William Wallace style. He looked so fierce in his face paint and cute little plot bunny ears were shoved back away from his face and fell down his back.

Chrissy whimpered. She was doomed before she could close the screen.

With a heavy sigh, she picked up the William Wallace bunny and bundled him carefully with a dragon. Shapeshifters, spells and curses drifted through her head as she studied the new bunny and added him to her bunny hutch.

One of these days she might learn her lesson, but probably not anytime soon.


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3 responses to “Adventures in Plot Bunny Land II

  1. You two leave your dragons to yourselves.

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