Adventures in Plot Bunny Land III

PLOTBUNNYThe names of the not-so-innocent have been changed to protect the identity of the authors.

Episode III

KK poked at her bunny and frowned. “This is supposed to be a no smexy bunny. How come when you’re told no smexy all you want to do is write it?”

Chrissy looked over KK’s shoulder at the line of nude bunnies lined up wearing nothing but leaves. A few were getting frisky under a tree and a couple of others were giving lap dances.

“Yeah, that’s always how it goes. Bunnies are bad for that,” Chrissy agreed.

“I should write squick! A pleasure zombie.”

Chrissy laughed. “Well, that would be different.”

KK sighed heavily and stared back at her bunny. It winked at her and licked its lips.

“Watch it,” KK said to the bunny. “I’ll exchange you for something less smexy.”

Chrissy looked back over KK’s shoulder at the line of frisky bunnies frolicking in the field behind her. She had a feeling that KK was going to have a difficult time finding a less frisky plot bunny anytime soon.


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2 responses to “Adventures in Plot Bunny Land III

  1. Oh man. Where would one tuck the twenties for that kind of lap dance?

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