Win IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS and Amazon Gift Card. Do your Worst!

Morning Everyone,

I’m getting excited. My book, In the Heart of Darkness is due to be release March 31st. That’s right, Easter Sunday only one week away. To celebrate I’m doing a contest. Give me your worst plot bunny.

Plot bunnies can be the bane of a writers existence or their muse fuel. But sometimes they’re just too dark, twisted, strange or bizarre that not even us writers know what to do with them. This is your chance to share your plot bunnies. The more strange, dark, humorous and bizarre they are, the better.

Here are the rules.
Contest is now closed. Winners will be announced Monday.

Thanks everyone for the great bunnies, it was a fun contest.

You can enter as many times as you like  by posting in the comments. Or you can tweet it, but make sure you @ me and add the hashtag #InHeartDarkness. Each time you shoot me a new plot bunny, your name goes in a hat for a $20 Gift Card at Amazon. I will be picking one or two of my favorite plot bunnies and they’ll receive a free ebook version of my book, In the Heart of Darkness.

Contest begins Sunday March 24th and ends Sunday March 31st midnight EST. Winners will be announced Monday. Oh and don’t forget to leave your email addy so I can inform winners.

In The Heart of Darkness

Book I: In Darkness Series

By C.M. Torrens

Genre: Gay Horror Novel

*Please be aware this is horror with heavy romantic elements. Its dark and not for everyone.

InHeartDarknessDevonn has lived his entire life in Darkness and chained to the will of another for centuries. When the chance to be free comes in the form of an ancient soul, he grabs it and runs. But taking the soul and keeping it are two different things. Hunted by demons and a stubborn soul that tests his sanity, he seeks sanctuary with a group of survivors. He didn’t expect to find himself drawn to the surly ironsmith thwarting his charms.

Since the world fell into Darkness and unleashed the monsters that now prowl the earth, Mitch Banos has seen more than his fair share of death. With people dying and dangers closing in around the group from all sides, Mitch is sure that attached to people is a bad idea. Devonn’s persistence pays off but with the fae woods closing in around the group’s tiny sanctuary and traitors in their midst, Mitch finds himself betrayed and trapped among the fae.

Devonn rushes to find Mitch, which leaves the survivors vulnerable to the traitor within. With the soul tugging at Devonn’s sanity, finding Mitch may become far more difficult than Devonn had expected. With so many things pulling at him, it’ll be a miracle if they all survive.


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23 responses to “Win IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS and Amazon Gift Card. Do your Worst!

  1. AJ

    Wait, you actually WANT us to give you plot bunnies? Well allrighty then.
    *checks list*
    13 writers attend a weekend retreat in the middle of nowhere and they slowly start disappearing one by one….

  2. arella3173

    Hmm~hmm… What a fun contest! lol… lets see….
    In a desolate broken world, Jason suffers from years of physical abuse from his father. Scared that one day it will be the last, that his father will cross the line and finally succeed in killing him he tries to run away…….


    …hmm… I’ll think of more tomorrow! XD aha..

  3. Lyra

    There is a cursed island that only appears every 100 years on the day of Easter, when the holy flame is brought back from Jerusalem. No one has ever come back from it, but some say that only special persons can see it and they are asked to do one thing and share the fate of the island if they don’t succed.
    Dany is born on an Eastern Sunday and spends his first holiday as a grown up in the nice and sunny beach in New Zealand, he doesn’t know anything of cursed islands, but takes a boot to visit the one he discovered early in this morning.

    lyra.lucky7 at gmail dot com

  4. Urb

    At age 52, Celia slips and breaks her neck. Her soul, finally free of her aging body, slams into the the lithe and agile body of her skate-boarding neighbor, Justice, who has taken a year between high school and college–actually more like six years. Amiable and aimless, Justice suddenly finds himself motivated to set up IRAs, and also have a little fun. Particularly with the brown eyed barista at the coffeeshop where Justice spends hours each day. Mel, the barista, is gloomy because on of his favorite customers, sassy Celia, is languishing in coma. Mel is also baffled by the sudden fierce attentiveness of Justice, who Mel has longed or. Fruitlessly.

  5. AJ

    Ok, hitting you with another one because i’m SO generous. Two words.


  6. Anas

    What about two kings, one is a great strategist and loves is great in politics, but lacks the knowledge in battel and the other is a great warrior, but his brother wanted his crown an had him thrown into the dungen to be executed. The visiting king asked for the warrior king as a price in their negotiations.

    moonsurfer123 at gmail dot com

  7. Fehu

    What about amorous demons who are trying to find their soulmates and so have revealed their existence to the humans as to be able to better hunt for a mate 🙂

    fehureads at gmail dot com

  8. Fehu

    A vegan zombie, a bunny shifter and a misplaced angel are trying to save the world, well the world of their choosen human, to be specific. (you did say strange was good ^^)

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  10. Lana A

    An alien race, that has three forms needs mates to survive and hold on to their human part. It turns out humans from Earth are often a good match, that’s why it has become a lucrative business to capture them.

    anzuazura at yahoo dot de

  11. She’s a beekeeper. He’s a a fishnet model –what? dont judge, he’s got FANTASTIC legs. Together….THEY FIGHT CRIME!

  12. Nina

    Perhaps a group of ladies have forced me to consider how I can make a tentacle story not be icky. I’m thinking sons of Medusa, but snakes are just as disturbing. Maybe a son of Medusa, fathered by a more benevolent creature…some kind of mixture that makes the tentacles softer, less weird. But totally still with suckers on the end.

    EyesThatSparkleInTheMoonLight at yahoo dot com.