Sneak Peek of, IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS, coming March 31st.

In the Heart of Darkness is the first in a series featuring Devonn and Mitch in a world gone all to hell. If you can name a creature that lurks in the dark, its probably slithered through the tears and made its way to Earth.

This series is dark, and I mean dark. I have a high tolerance for the grim, but parts of this made me cringe just writing it. An m/m horror with a splash of romance. Allow me to introduce you to Mitch as he spies one hell of a Banshee, and maybe get a hint of his love interest, Devonn while we’re at it.

* * *

Mitch fell hard into a magazine rack and a shower of paper fell over top of him. He scrambled out of the magazines and scanned the area for the stranger, but his eyes were quickly drawn up to the ceiling.

She had to be the biggest banshee he’d ever seen. Her black vaporous form filled half the ceiling and she lashed out with her sheer tentacles, inching closer to his friends. All five had spread out to surround her, but she tossed them aside like toys. Greg and Travis stood closest to the beast, slashing at her with their machetes. The tentacles grew back, reforming almost as quickly as they were chopped off. Mitch brought his shotgun up and hit her with two solid rounds to the chest.

She whipped her head around to face him, and his heart stuttered a beat. Her pale face was like ash, lips still stained with the blood of her meal. She twisted, moving faster than he expected. He backpedaled and magazines slipped under foot. Staggering, he fought to keep his balance as a tentacle reached for him.

A glitter of metal caught his eye. The blond stranger whipped out a long, thin chain. It caught the moonlight through the windows and flew through the air, slicing off the tendrils before they reached Mitch and his companions. The man used the chain like a ribboned blade, twisting and slashing at the beast. Mitch had never seen anything like it in his life. The chain rippled in the stranger’s hands, and each movement seemed effortless, like a dance. His blue eyes focused so intently on his prey he seemed to see nothing else. It was the most beautifully lethal thing Mitch had ever seen.

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