Plot Bunny Land – Attack of the Enabler

PLOTBUNNYI’ve recently been bunnied. *sigh* KK is lucky I like her, and the bunny is a little one. I might just be playing with a bunny today.

Here’s how my afternoon went.

Episode IV

“I’m writing a zombie bunny for an antho call. Wanna see?” KK pulled a small bunny from behind her back and set it out on display between us. It winked, grinned and started making inappropriate zombie jokes while we sat drinking tea and coffee.

Chrissy laughed. “It looks like a fun bunny. When’s the Antho due?”

“Its not until May. You know, I see several over there behind you.”

Chrissy looked over her shoulder at a crop of bunnies springing up from the brush. Their eyes glinted with mischief and they were all so very small, harmless really.

Chrissy picked up one bunny and studied him a moment. “This is a Frankenstein’s Monster bunny. I’m not sure I can make this one smexy. Maybe that witch resurrection zombie bunny over there.”

Putting him down Chrissy started browsing the others that began sniffing much too close. (She really should have known better than to be bunny browsing with KK. There’s no such thing as window shopping with her around.)

“No-no, look at him,” KK said, picking up the Frankenstein’s monster bunny. “All those wonderful silvery scars, each bit a part to make a whole perfect man.”

Chrissy eyed the bunny KK had in her hands. The more she looked at it, the more interesting he seemed. She could almost picture him in his own story.


KK grinned. “You’re very welcome. I retain my title as the Enable.”

Chrissy chuckled. “Was there ever really any doubt?”



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4 responses to “Plot Bunny Land – Attack of the Enabler

  1. I’m staying far away from this KK person…

  2. Kat

    Chris…you had only to watch the old 1970’s mini-series, Frankenstein the True Story, to see that a Frankenstein’s monster story had the potential to be smexy. Even as I kid I knew there was some very adult themes going on in the undercurrent. Can’t wait to read this one. Now stop reading your comments and get to work.

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