Adventures in Plot Bunny Land – Memory Kick

PLOTBUNNY For your amusement I have decided to reenact how my story, Memory Kick (working title and still out on submission) came to be. 

Strangely enough, it all started right after one of my subs got that shiny acceptance email that makes every writer’s heart get a little giddy to see.

I had been pondering SFR for awhile. I have a bunch of crap on this computer and 60% is SF and SFR, the rest being everything else. My first subs to be accepted might have been paranormal and horror, but who can resist space bunnies?

Without further ado, Episode V.

Chrissy sat down at her computer trying hard not to fidget while she waited to tell her friends the fantastic news of a sale. This was always squee worthy in her small writerly world and best celebrated with friends who knew just how grand these things were.

She twitched with excitement and pulled up a blank landscape to have some writers’ play time before friendly faces joined hers at the writers hub. She eyed the land-loving bunnies a long moment before she turned her eyes to the sky.

Stars twinkled overhead but she couldn’t quite make them out.  Squinting she could just make out the blurry outline of a bunny. It had an odd sort of shape, and she took off her glasses to see if it was just a smudge on the lenses.

Wiping the glasses clean, she put them back on and looked back at the sky.

The bunny leaped out, catching her by the arm and took off. Against the back drop of the sky she could barely see two feet in front of her.

The bunny jumped through space, dragging her with him. Stars kept hitting her in the head clouding all thoughts of the past. Fur tickled her nose and she sneeze and the both careened down the dark hall of a space station. She barely had time to look around before he was dragging over heavy steel grates, causing more than a few friction burns along the way.

By the time the trip was over Chrissy was exhausted and sprawled out on the grass of the terraformed world around her. The sun was just cresting over the horizon and for the first time she really got a good look at the bunny that attacked her.

Oh, he was a good looking little critter and she was glad he abducted her and told her his story.

The moral of the story.

Don’t stop and clean your glasses unless you’re prepared to dragged away by persistent bunnies.

… What do you mean that’s not a moral?

Eh, you take what you want from my story, I’ll take mine. 😉

Have a great week everyone.


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2 responses to “Adventures in Plot Bunny Land – Memory Kick

  1. Kat

    Bunnies can be a menace when you are trying to get work done–but I think they know this, the clever devils. The flip side of this is the plot bunnies who attack you for sequels while you’re still working on the first book. Those are always problematic little rascals.


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