Adventures in Plot Bunny Land – Where Stories Come From

PLOTBUNNY Writers are always asked where their stories come from. And to be honest, we really don’t know. They just pop into our heads usually while we’re doing something mundane. Other times its like we writers are trying to give ideas to our friends, but I have a theory of what goes on behind the scenes.  Plot bunnies are crafty little devils and I swear, they’re vicious!

Episode VI

Plot Bunny General 001 squinted around the room, looking at her soldiers all crammed into the war room. The sea of fuzzy bodies twitched nervously in their camo fatigues, each one was armed with ropes and hooks to insure their attachment.

“Listen here you grunts, our invasion plans have fallen on deaf ears. But that just means you have to work twice as hard to take out your writer. I’m getting sick of seeing you come back with no results. Are you burrow bunnies or are you plot bunnies? Do I need to send you back to your mommas? A can’t hear you!”

“Ma’am! No, ma’am!” The troops shout filled the room voices growing more determined as the general spoke.

“That’s right boys and girls, we’re plot bunnies, not some milk-sucking, dirt-grubbing burrow bunnies. That means I want you to get your shit into gear. The first bunny who returns empty handed will be scrubbing latrines for the next week. Do I make myself clear?”

“Ma’am! Yes, ma’am!”

“Excellent. Now I want every one of you to grab an idea on your way out and go get them. I don’t want to see your furry asses back here until you’ve found your host.

“Make me proud, boys and girls. I know you have it in you. There are plenty of writers out there, but we are many. We will be victorious!” General 001 nodded to the group huddled around the room. “Now go get ’em.”

The room filled with the roar of plot bunnies, each eager to find their own writer. Armed with an idea and enough hooks, rope, chains and sticky-tape to attached to twice their number, they raced out into the world eager to find their next victim.


And that my friends is how we writers come up with our ideas. And why we can be doing something as simple as doing dishes, reading the newspaper or browsing the internet when they attack.

Have a great week!


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4 responses to “Adventures in Plot Bunny Land – Where Stories Come From

  1. Those are some serious bunnies!

    • cmtorrens

      Seriously! Some days its a battle to keep the buggers at bay when I need to write on a major wip. Like…. this past weekend. I might have written 2k on a bunny. *sigh* At least that one didn’t have to clean latrines.

  2. Save Our Souls! Save Our Souls! I’m seriously afraid of the invasion.

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