Exciting Announcement!


Besides it being Mother’s Day, which in and of itself is a great day. I am pleased to announce that last night I signed a new contract with Dreamspinner Press for my Sci-Fi Romance novel, Memory Kick. This was the runaway bunny mentioned in one of my bunny posts that almost wrote itself.

Such things rarely happen when writing a story so I savor them when they do. Runaway bunnies are fantastically fun to write and leave you breathless when they’re done.

The main characters are Qusay (pronounced Ku-sI, that’s long oo and hard I) and Cameron. They are an interesting pair. Cameron’s a bit older and it takes him awhile to get over their age difference, but he comes around when he accidentally puts Qusay at risk trying to be a nice guy.

I swear, Cameron is one of the most patient and honest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to write. Once he’s finally come around to committing its all or nothing. He’s just that type of guy.

Qusay … sigh, my poor damaged Qusay. I love him so. He’s the type of character that makes you want to hug and squeeze him until he bursts. He needs it too.

I’ll have more information on this book later, but I had to squee a bit. Have a great week everyone. I know I’ll be riding high for awhile, I hope you do the same. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone. 😀


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2 responses to “Exciting Announcement!

  1. Kat

    Love this story!! Glad it’s found a home.

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