Bunny Slump

I’m hitting burn out or what some might call a slump. I hate when that happens, even the plot bunnies avoid me during a slump. I don’t care how much sticky tape, Velcro or fancy winks and seductive grins those cute little plot bunnies toss at me, they just don’t stick. In fact, nothing is sounding good at the moment. So much so, that I would rather read a tortuously long medical journal filled with jargon only a PhD. would understand than edit the wip currently sitting on my desktop.

I hate the slumps. Even the normal crowd of friends famous for plot bunny tossing seems to have slacked. Its really little wonder that I’m slacking. I’ve been working my butt off this year trying to make up  for last year’s lack of new releases, so, of course, I pushed too hard and now face the consequences.

One last push, that’s all I need. One last push to finish this edit and I can relax for a few months before banking words for next years *crosses fingers* releases.

Yes, this is a random post, mostly for my own need to tell  myself to get my head out of my ass and finish this last edit, so maybe, just maybe I can get In Darkness book 2 out before the end of the year.

If anyone cares to chime in and give me as ass kicking, well, that would be good too. lol Have a good week everyone.


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3 responses to “Bunny Slump

  1. kmcambion

    I just hit a bad slump myself. I hope you pull yourself out of yours quickly. I have a broomstick I can poke you with, if it will help.

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