GRL Awesomeness

Okay, so I’m like the person one should never have take pictures. I have a few, but they’re still on my phone and I’m not exactly sure where my phone cord is at the moment. I’m horrible at remembering to take them, and never sure when a good moment is to snap a picture.

Anyway, here’s the run down. I met the most amazing authors, including Rick R. Reed, Erica Pike, and Marie Sexton. Rick seemed a bit quiet, Erica a true sweetheart and Marie a genuinely bubbly person that really doesn’t stop smiling. Aleksandr Voinov was amazing and sweet and OMG funny. I spent a good portion of one morning chatting with him and a handful of others. So friendly and animate, you can’t help but be drawn into the conversation. LA Witt was a sweetheart, she talked about some of her work and we had nice little conversation.

Best of all was meeting Marguerite Labbe in person. We’ve been friends for years but this was the first time we’d met face to face. If you’ve ever chatted with her online, she the same sweet and bubbly person in real life. I bunked with her for the weekend and met her wonderful hubby Kier (pronounced like Fire with a K.)

I met some amazing people, including Katie the amazing Cabbage Patch cut-a-bitch. lol

Shannon from Dreamspinner was a true sweetheart and Ariel jingles happily everywhere she walks. Ariel, the poor thing, seemed to be running herself into the ground.

Anyway, there’s no way I can tell you everything about the place and not exclude something. I think my favorite things were there the quieter readings from authors. They took place in a little empty bar area which was much quieter, smaller and more intimate than some of the others rooms.

JP Barnaby had her boys with her, which you could paint and took donations for a GLBT youth charity. That’s no surprise, she’s amazing like that. I did miss the cock walk but I was starving and wanted lunch and the room was so terribly hot.

I think I’m probably rambling, but I had a fantastic time. Next year, if you haven’t heard, GRL will be in Chicago!!!!! Which, of course, is only a couple hours away from me. If you didn’t go this year, I highly suggest you try and make it next. No promises (since it’ll depend on finances and other things) but I’m going to try and go as an author next year. Either way, I’ll be trying to squeeze into the number as a reader if nothing else.

To all those I didn’t mention and met, you guys were all amazing. I just can’t fit you all in one blog post. lol

See you next year!


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  1. So glad you had a great time!

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