Back from the Dead

For those who don’t know, I apologize for my long and sudden absence. Life invaded just over a year ago when my Hubby was in a serious motorcycle accident. Things were chaotic to say the least. I haven’t written a things since, and I’m just now trying to get back on the horse.

It was a bad bit of timing, but seriously when is there good timing for things like this? But I’m back now. Or one does hope I’m getting there. Bit at a time, I’m trying to get back to my usual writing speed and crank out something *crosses fingers* this year. Though it may not be on the things people are most hoping for.

Getting back on the horse is proving a little difficult. My brain is stuck in ‘omg this sucks’ mode. Don’t worry, I have just the friends to pull me out of my funk. So, I’m soldiering on and with anything luck I’ll be out of the ‘OMG this sucks’ mode and back to, ‘Fuck it, you can edit this crap later’ mode.

On the plus side, I’m a grandma now. Yes, I say that with mixed joy and horror because I don’t really think I’m old enough to be a grandmother. Then again, those miniature people you used to yell at to not put things into their mouths, eventually grow up into actual adults. You can only hope you did a good job at getting them there in one piece. So far, it seems we did a pretty good job, and my son is a fantastic father. My grand-baby has brought us much joy in a year when we needed it most.

Anyway, onward and upward! Have a great day all.


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