2016, Don’t Harsh my Mellow

graphics-fireworks-634603I love that phrase. I know its a dated phrase, but I love it just the same.

I’m a mellow person. I try not to let little things stress me down. Its the big things that can crush me. RL crushed us two years ago. It still gives us fits from time to time. The timing was horrible too (not that any timing would have been good). I was just starting to get my feet wet with my writing career. Things were starting to look like maybe I could do this writing thing;  when hubby was suddenly in an accident.  When your old man is suddenly unable to walk around the house and monthly income drops to about 20% of what we were used to, yeah some things just have to be put on hold.

Things are much better now. He’s not where he was before the accident and probably never will be, but we’re good and stable and things are back to a relative normal.

That was two years and some change ago. The last part of 2015 was all about getting back on the writing horse. And I did. I sold. woohoo that got my confidence back up, so I can officially say, I am back, baby! And I’m here to stay. So long as life doesn’t harsh my mellow again, I’ll be typing away until my little fingers are nubs and begging people to buy these things I call manuscripts.

So, dearest 2016, you better not f#cking harsh my mellow. I’m in a good f#cking place right now and if you f#ck with me, you will see the wrath of woman like you have never seen before.

Oh! Yes. If you thought that when I said I was a mellow person that I meant, June Clever on Prozac, hahahahahah! No. I raised two kids in today’s world, honey. Wrath of God ain’t got shit on me. Happy New Year!

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