Cutting Ties: Pack Born Book 2

With the release week winding down for The Alpha’s Weave, I think I can safely announce Book 2 of the series. Due to be released January 3rd, I hope you can wait a few months to see what happens next with Dante and our pack.

cuttingtiesCutting Ties takes place about 6 months after the Caster problem. Things have mellowed for the pack and grown more stable but dangers that seemed distant and perhaps less significant are now at the head of things. We learn more about August and his Mistress and the interesting things they have planned and also how the mysterious Odin plays into thing.

Also, River grows up, Lazarus become a thing, Nicky’s still not a heavy, Dante forgets to call home and one cub becomes a youth. 😀 Hope that’s teaser enough for you.


War is looming, and as the alpha, it falls to Dante to protect his shifter pack from the hybrid creatures spawned to prey upon them. To that end he joins forces with the Nephilim Odin in the hopes of keeping both their people safe, though past slights and animosity between the clans continue to cause strain. Attacks on the packs and Nephilim clans increase, and the seemingly endless army of hybrids will not stop growing. Dante knows their only chance to put an end to the carnage is to find the nest where his twin August and August’s mistress are creating the hybrids.

With entire cities being destroyed, Dante must call upon the pack weave to find the people who have been captured—and the nest. Dante and Odin gather an army for an all-out attack. Though a desperate and risky move, Dante has been backed into a corner and he sees no other alternative. It’s a battle they must win at any price, because the cost of losing will be catastrophic.


Isn’t that just a lovely cover? Praises to Anne Caine for pulling off the feel of the book. I really do love this. She did a fantastic job.

Have a great day everyone.


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