The Aftermath, Making Peace

Good morning and its nice to finally be able to say that. I’ve been having some problems getting over the loss of the election. I’m not here to whine or rage against the President-elect. My very liberal self is putting her mind to other things. I’m here to make peace, so bear with me.

As I watched the election unfold, the sense of dread I’d been feeling only grew. I had friends that were saying, there’s no way he’ll win. But I still had that fear that he would. And of course he did.

I watched in horror and utter grief the American people voted for anger instead of love. But I understand. I understand that people thought they were being ignored. I understand that they were lashing out against the establishment, I understand that they thought such a man would ‘shake things up’. What I don’t understand is the hate, and because of that I grieved and still do.

Just days after the election we are seeing the result of that hate being played out by those who think they’ve been given a free pass. Women, People of Color, Immigrants, various non-christian Religions, the Disabled, and the LGBTQ community are all suffering.

I have to say, I loved America.

I say that in the past tense because I’m uncertain of its future. I was proud of the fact that we have the rights that we do. But I’m wondering how long we’ll keep those rights. And while there is nothing a President can do to take away those rights, there are things he can do to make those rights extremely difficult to keep.

But as I said, I’m here to make peace with the part of America that I clearly don’t belong in.

I don’t hate you because you voted for our president-elect. — But I no longer trust you.

I don’t hate you because you voted for hate and anger. — But my faith in you is shattered.

I don’t hate you because you felt the need to side with such a man. — But you have made me fear like I have not felt before.

I don’t hate you.

I have to think you were all just too angry have any room in your heart for people other than yourself. Because if I don’t have that little bit of hope, I couldn’t get up in the morning.

So, now that you’ve made the bed in which we will have to lay in for the next four years. I am asking you to get over the anger that you felt when you elected this man, and help your friends and neighbors fight the problems you have now forced them to face.

You did this. You have to help us fix it. Please.

America was founded on religious freedoms.

America was founded as a place to be free of tyranny.

America was founded by immigrants.

All men (general not masculine) are created equal. Please remember that. And in return I will remember not to hate and maybe together we can keep from breaking the America I loved, and I can change that past tense into present and future.

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