Fun Stuff in Books, Always YES!

Feather_Pen_clip_art_hightThe greatest thing about being a writer is the ability to do anything (within a certain amount of reason) in your books.

I have heard this question more often than you could imagine, “Do you think I could have (insert situation/action/myth/occurrence here) happen?” My answer is always yes. YES, YES, and more YES!

There are of course certain guidelines for such a yes, BUT if you are a crafty writer and your world allows for it then absolutely YES.

Let’s take for a moment one of the most popular of writers that he has become a household name, Stephen King. Pick up any of his books, at random. The plausibility of Carrie for example. Does shit like that really happen? No. Young women do not sudden have psychic powers and go ape-shit on their classmates. The key to pulling off such a thing is the world building. We see Carrie’s power slowly grow until she loses her shit. This is the slow burn. A building up of things until we believe by the end of the book she could do everything she does.

There’s a different way to do things as well, establish at the beginning of the story that things are just not the way you might expect them to be. Douglas Adams for example. If you haven’t read his stuff, its a fun romp in complete improbably, in fact, that’s the whole concept of his Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy books.

Even if you don’t like either of the aforementioned authors styles, you can probably see the skill at which they tell stories. They are in different tones of course, but you could easily switch the fun read of Adams style for the grim suspense tone of King and do the same thing.

If Carrie was in fact a lighter story, her powers would have manifested in more fun and amusing ways. And if Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was more suspenseful and grim that improbability drive would have done some seriously messed up shit.

So, I give you the answer to your question. Yes. If you build your world properly, you can make anything work. Have fun with writing. Enjoy the freedom it gives you, invent stories and circumstances that interest you and don’t limit yourself because you think a concept sounds stupid. It only sounds stupid if you haven’t made it work. If you haven’t built the framework properly. I don’t claim to be any sort of expert, but I do read, and I have seen some bizarre things work. So whether you go with the slow burn or the immediate slap in the face, have fun with your stories and write something you’ll enjoy reading.

Have a great day everyone.

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