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August Madness Giveaways Continue w/ One Night to Change

Today’s giveaway is my new release, One Night to Change. A hot supernatural read for your enjoyment. Comment to win. All those who enter will also be entered to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card at the end of the month. Contest for this book ends Saturday, August 24th.

onenighttochange_msr ONE NIGHT TO CHANGE

M/M Erotic Romance

Leo has put off Eric’s advances for years, but when Leo needs help their normally friendly deals turn a lot more intimate. Eric proposes they take it out in trade. Two nights together and Eric will give Leo all the help he needs to protect his Pride. Leo has a hard time coming to a decision. Sleeping with men just isn’t done and with the moon on the rise, his beast could rip even a vampire like Eric to shreds.

Before he can protest, Eric pushes Leo into unleashing his true desires. Roped and bound, Leo is forced to let go of his preconceived notions of strength and weakness. Leo’s beast, on the other hand, might have other ideas.

Available at: Ellora’s Cave | Amazon |  All Romance Ebooks


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August Giveaway Madness brings us Kim Knox this week_Frost book 1.

Kim Knox is here today to giveaway an ebook of her new release, Agamemnon Frost and the House of Death, book #1 in her Frost series. I have to say I love this book. Its wonderfully written steampunk m/m yumminess. The sexual tension will leave you eager to read the next book in this series.

Frost One

Book one of Agamemnon Frost

Liverpool, 1891

Decorated artilleryman Edgar Mason was forced to find new work when the British Empire replaced its foot soldiers with monstrous machines. Now he waits on the Liverpool elite as a personal servant. He has just one rule: he won’t work for fashion-addled dandies.

Agamemnon Frost, however, is far from the foppish man-about-town he appears to be. He’s working to protect the Earth from an alien invasion being planned by a face-changing creature known as Pandarus. And on the night he plans to confront the aliens, he enlists Mason to assist him.

For a man to love a man is a serious crime in Victorian England. But when Mason meets Frost, his heart thunders and his blood catches fire. And when Pandarus drags the two men into the torture cellars beneath his house of death to brainwash them, Mason’s new passion may be all that stands between him and insanity.

The trilogy continues with Agamemnon Frost and the Hollow Ships.

Amazon | Carina Press | Barnes & Noble

Comment to win and make sure you leave your email addy so I can contact you.

This contest runs from Sunday, August 11th,  through  Saturday, August 17th.

Winners will be posted early Sunday morning August the 18th.

If you don’t win, don’t worry. There are more goodies to come, so stay tuned.


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Marguerite Labbe’s book Ghosts in the Wind, giveaway

My friend Marguerite Labbe is giving away an  ecopy of her book, Ghosts in the Wind this week. This books has it all, a touching love story, monsters, death, mystery, a splash of horror and a few little sniffle moments.

All you have to do to enter is leave your name in the comments with your email address. Simple, right? You have all week to enter and your name goes automatically in the hat for an amazon gift card giveaway at the end of the month.

You’ll have other chances to win free books as well. Each time you enter is another chance to win the gift card. One entry per contest and I’m giving away four books this month so stay tuned.

This week’s contest runs from Aug. 5th – 10th.

Ghosts in the Wind

Ghost in the WindBy Marguerite Labbe

Novel Length

Gay/Love Story/Thriller

Andrei Cuza and Dean Marshall celebrated their tenth anniversary only to have their happiness shattered by a random, insane event: On his way home from closing a business deal, Dean stops on the parkway to help a young mother with her flat tire, and her ex arrives, murders them, and takes off with his two kids.

Ghosts have haunted Andrei all his life. He bears the guilt for his sister being stuck in limbo, because ghosts are frozen at the moment they died, unable to adapt to the changes in their living loved ones. When Dean returns to Andrei as a ghost, the double punch of losing him and having to watch him founder if he doesn’t move on is almost more than Andrei can bear.

Despite dangers in limbo—Jackal Wraiths that devour souls are hunting him—Dean isn’t going anywhere until he helps Andrei track down the missing children. Andrei is in danger as well when he pays dearly to feel Dean’s touch one last time. Time is slowly running out as Dean and Andrei try to say good-bye while they track a killer who’s more than happy to kill again.

A Bittersweet Dreams title: It’s an unfortunate truth: love doesn’t always conquer all. Regardless of its strength, sometimes fate intervenes, tragedy strikes, or forces conspire against it. These stories of romance do not offer a traditional happy ending, but the strong and enduring love will still touch your heart and maybe move you to tears.

Available at : Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | All Romance Ebooks


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August Giveaway Madness

All month long I’ll be giving away all sorts of goodies.

Marguerite Labbe and her sugary sweet self is giving away her book, Ghost in the Wind. A haunted tale and love story, with a heavy dose of mystery. Contest runs Aug. 5th – 10th.

Kim Knox and her plot bunny delivering self has been kind enough to giveaway her new book, Agamemnon Frost and the House of Death. Its the first book in her m/m steampunk trilogy. Contest runs from Aug. 11th – 17th

I’ll be giving away my new release One Night to Change, with some hot supernatural play time before the full moon. Contest runs Aug. 18th – 24th.

All those who enter will be entered to win a $20 amazon gift card at the end of the month. You can enter once for each contest, which give you more chances to win.

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Giveaway winner from Scorching Book Reviews

LGBTAnd the winner from the LGBT Event at Scorching Book Reviews is….
Congratulations to Laurie Peterson!

You should be getting an email from me very soon. I hope you like the book and have a great weekend!


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Sneak Peek of, IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS, coming March 31st.

In the Heart of Darkness is the first in a series featuring Devonn and Mitch in a world gone all to hell. If you can name a creature that lurks in the dark, its probably slithered through the tears and made its way to Earth.

This series is dark, and I mean dark. I have a high tolerance for the grim, but parts of this made me cringe just writing it. An m/m horror with a splash of romance. Allow me to introduce you to Mitch as he spies one hell of a Banshee, and maybe get a hint of his love interest, Devonn while we’re at it.

* * *

Mitch fell hard into a magazine rack and a shower of paper fell over top of him. He scrambled out of the magazines and scanned the area for the stranger, but his eyes were quickly drawn up to the ceiling.

She had to be the biggest banshee he’d ever seen. Her black vaporous form filled half the ceiling and she lashed out with her sheer tentacles, inching closer to his friends. All five had spread out to surround her, but she tossed them aside like toys. Greg and Travis stood closest to the beast, slashing at her with their machetes. The tentacles grew back, reforming almost as quickly as they were chopped off. Mitch brought his shotgun up and hit her with two solid rounds to the chest.

She whipped her head around to face him, and his heart stuttered a beat. Her pale face was like ash, lips still stained with the blood of her meal. She twisted, moving faster than he expected. He backpedaled and magazines slipped under foot. Staggering, he fought to keep his balance as a tentacle reached for him.

A glitter of metal caught his eye. The blond stranger whipped out a long, thin chain. It caught the moonlight through the windows and flew through the air, slicing off the tendrils before they reached Mitch and his companions. The man used the chain like a ribboned blade, twisting and slashing at the beast. Mitch had never seen anything like it in his life. The chain rippled in the stranger’s hands, and each movement seemed effortless, like a dance. His blue eyes focused so intently on his prey he seemed to see nothing else. It was the most beautifully lethal thing Mitch had ever seen.

Wanna see more? Share a few of your plot bunnies and enter the contest to win a $20 GC or In the Heart of Darkness in the ebook format of your choice. ENTER CONTEST HERE.

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Win IN THE HEART OF DARKNESS and Amazon Gift Card. Do your Worst!

Morning Everyone,

I’m getting excited. My book, In the Heart of Darkness is due to be release March 31st. That’s right, Easter Sunday only one week away. To celebrate I’m doing a contest. Give me your worst plot bunny.

Plot bunnies can be the bane of a writers existence or their muse fuel. But sometimes they’re just too dark, twisted, strange or bizarre that not even us writers know what to do with them. This is your chance to share your plot bunnies. The more strange, dark, humorous and bizarre they are, the better.

Here are the rules.
Contest is now closed. Winners will be announced Monday.

Thanks everyone for the great bunnies, it was a fun contest.

You can enter as many times as you like  by posting in the comments. Or you can tweet it, but make sure you @ me and add the hashtag #InHeartDarkness. Each time you shoot me a new plot bunny, your name goes in a hat for a $20 Gift Card at Amazon. I will be picking one or two of my favorite plot bunnies and they’ll receive a free ebook version of my book, In the Heart of Darkness.

Contest begins Sunday March 24th and ends Sunday March 31st midnight EST. Winners will be announced Monday. Oh and don’t forget to leave your email addy so I can inform winners.

In The Heart of Darkness

Book I: In Darkness Series

By C.M. Torrens

Genre: Gay Horror Novel

*Please be aware this is horror with heavy romantic elements. Its dark and not for everyone.

InHeartDarknessDevonn has lived his entire life in Darkness and chained to the will of another for centuries. When the chance to be free comes in the form of an ancient soul, he grabs it and runs. But taking the soul and keeping it are two different things. Hunted by demons and a stubborn soul that tests his sanity, he seeks sanctuary with a group of survivors. He didn’t expect to find himself drawn to the surly ironsmith thwarting his charms.

Since the world fell into Darkness and unleashed the monsters that now prowl the earth, Mitch Banos has seen more than his fair share of death. With people dying and dangers closing in around the group from all sides, Mitch is sure that attached to people is a bad idea. Devonn’s persistence pays off but with the fae woods closing in around the group’s tiny sanctuary and traitors in their midst, Mitch finds himself betrayed and trapped among the fae.

Devonn rushes to find Mitch, which leaves the survivors vulnerable to the traitor within. With the soul tugging at Devonn’s sanity, finding Mitch may become far more difficult than Devonn had expected. With so many things pulling at him, it’ll be a miracle if they all survive.


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