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One Night to Change Redux

Hi all,

For those who may remember, I had a book out through EC some time ago. I got the rights back early this year, but it took me awhile to get my shit together and toss it back into the world.

I give you One Night to Change, with its shiny new cover.


*pets it* Isn’t it pretty? I’m pretty happy with it. Much better than the old generic cover, don’t you think?


Leo has put off Eric’s advances for years, but when Leo needs help their normally friendly deals turn a lot more intimate. Eric proposes they take it out in trade. Two nights together and Eric will give Leo all the help he needs to protect his Pride. Leo has a hard time coming to a decision. Sleeping with men just isn’t done and with the moon on the rise, his beast could rip even a vampire like Eric to shreds.
Before he can protest, Eric pushes Leo into unleashing his true desires. Roped and bound Leo is forced to let go of his preconceived notions of strength and weakness. Leo’s beast on the other hand might have other ideas.

Anyway, currently available through Amazon. I’ll add links as I add them.

Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iBooks

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New Shapeshifter Series News_Pack Born


After polishing out a few bumps, I have a new shapshifter series coming out. The first book The Alpha’s Weave is due to be released in October 2016 by the wonderful people at DSPP. And I even have an official title for you.

Pack Born Series

Book 1: The Alpha’s Weave

Book 2: (working title) Cutting Ties

Book 3: TBD

Book 4: TBD

These books are gay urban fiction with dose of romance, so I can’t really put them into the romance category. But for those interested in a new take on the same old shifters, battles for world order, men fighting in the nude, vampire nephilim, hybrid creatures and a little romance thrown in, you might just like these.

I should have more information for you soon, but hang tight, and I’ll update as soon as I can.

I have to say, Dante, the main character, has been in my head for a very long time. I hope he captures your heart like captured mine. I’m so very glad his story will finally be told.

Have a great day everyone,


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Back from the Dead

For those who don’t know, I apologize for my long and sudden absence. Life invaded just over a year ago when my Hubby was in a serious motorcycle accident. Things were chaotic to say the least. I haven’t written a things since, and I’m just now trying to get back on the horse.

It was a bad bit of timing, but seriously when is there good timing for things like this? But I’m back now. Or one does hope I’m getting there. Bit at a time, I’m trying to get back to my usual writing speed and crank out something *crosses fingers* this year. Though it may not be on the things people are most hoping for.

Getting back on the horse is proving a little difficult. My brain is stuck in ‘omg this sucks’ mode. Don’t worry, I have just the friends to pull me out of my funk. So, I’m soldiering on and with anything luck I’ll be out of the ‘OMG this sucks’ mode and back to, ‘Fuck it, you can edit this crap later’ mode.

On the plus side, I’m a grandma now. Yes, I say that with mixed joy and horror because I don’t really think I’m old enough to be a grandmother. Then again, those miniature people you used to yell at to not put things into their mouths, eventually grow up into actual adults. You can only hope you did a good job at getting them there in one piece. So far, it seems we did a pretty good job, and my son is a fantastic father. My grand-baby has brought us much joy in a year when we needed it most.

Anyway, onward and upward! Have a great day all.


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It’s Release Day for Memory Kick.

Exciting news, Memory Kick my new release is out today, and to celebrate, here’s a little teaser. Cameron and Qusay’s first meeting on the station.

Memory Kick400x600 Memory Kick

Gay SF Romance

Novel Excerpt:

CAMERON WAS having a bad day. Hell, a bad week. Trapped on a station in the middle of nowhere meant he would have to turn down the job he’d been counting on. Bodyguard gigs were sweet. Sit around, watch some rich asshole for a few weeks, and scare off the stalkers. By the end he was mostly bored with a heavy credit in his back pocket. Now he was fucked, and all because of engine troubles he had no control over.

Kelsey was an old backwater space station and barely what Cameron would call up to code. More than a few ship docks were red- light sealed to prevent hull breaches and atmospheric leaks. The throughway was worn and stained, and the walls, once painted a pale blue, were gray and chipped to the steel below. Many of the overhead screens flickered on and off, unable to hold images for long. Cameron couldn’t even be sure the information displayed was correct. From the shape of the place, the arrival and departure times were likely to be hours if not days old.

He ran his hand over his goatee and took in the travelers around him. Most were asteroid miners, real people that ignored the main corridor’s line of souvenir sellers behind their carts. They had come to the station for other, more interesting pursuits and headed off the main corridor into the deeper parts of the station: the strip.

Every station had a strip of some sort, a place where gambling, sex, alcohol, good food, and a variety of other, less savory pastimes could be found. Some were less legal than others, but out here on stations like Kelsey, most everything was legal and taxable. There was never anything but overpriced crap and sleazy merchants trying to get tourist chits on the main throughways. At least on the strip Cameron could get an unwatered drink and some company.

The neon lights called to him for some much-needed stress relief. His stomach growled when the distant scent of grilled meats called to him. Not even the scent of the bitter recycled air of the station dulled his need for real food.

Rounding the corner to the strip, he smacked right into a skinny little wisp of a thing. He was covered in a sweatshirt far too big for him, and a bold yellow sports logo stood out against the dark background. The little body fell hard to the ground with an “oof” and back-scrambled out of his way in a mild panic.

The reaction surprised him, and he stopped in his tracks as the figure gasped and cowered away from him.

“Hey, hey, relax. I didn’t mean to run into you,” Cameron said. Guilt tugged at his chest. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

The figure stopped and looked up at him. His hood fell away from his head, revealing a mop of dark wavy hair and some vicious bruises across his thin face. Deep soulful eyes stared up at Cameron with surprise. Long lashes framed dark brown orbs, and his mouth fell open in an O. He was just a kid, not more than twenty-five, a boy really.

“Huh? Oh, no, you didn’t. Thought you were someone else,” the boy said.

Cameron looked him over. His cheeks were hollowed and he couldn’t weigh more than a feather soaking wet. He couldn’t help but wonder when the boy had eaten last. It was sad, really, how people suddenly found themselves in such shitty situations. It didn’t take much; just one push, and life came crumbling down around them. He’d seen it happen more than once.

There was something… familiar about him. Something Cameron couldn’t quite place. He held out his hand. “Let me help you up.”

The kid flinched away. “No. Don’t touch me right now. I can get up.”

Cameron stood back as the young man got to his feet and the telltale scent of Kick drifted in the air. A rich sweetness like raw sugar clung to his skin. “What are you on?”

The kid smirked and flashed his wrist showing off his Clean-tab. “Why? You want some of me? It’ll cost you. I’m clean and legal, sweetie.”

Cameron looked him over. He’d seen way too many kids waste away on drugs and sex on stations like this. “Would you buy yourself a meal?”

“Honey, I would eat you like it’s my last meal.” Cameron sighed. “And it might be, too. You’re wasting away, kid. Come on. Let me buy you a meal… as an apology.”

The kid shot him a confused look. “You’re apologizing? For what?”

“For knocking you down.”

“Oh.” The young man looked uneasy for a moment, but shrugged. “Okay. I guess.”

“Tell me a good place to eat around here.”

“Lacy’s. They aren’t the nicest people, but the food is good.” He let the boy lead the way through the gray light of the strip and toward a small restaurant. The sounds of laughter and the occasional scuffle drifted from bars as they passed. Music deafened by heavy shields kept the noise level down to a hum of bass.

“What’s your name?” Cameron asked.

“Qusay. You can call me Q, or….” Qusay shot Cameron a seductive grin. “Hell, I’d come to just about anything you said.”

Cameron chuckled and shook his head. “You’re buzzing on Kick.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that you are sexy as hell. Hmm, touch me and watch me melt.”

Cameron sighed, torn between amusement and annoyance.

“You don’t like boys?” Qusay said.

“I like men just fine.”

“Aww, honey, I’m older than I look.”

Available from Dreamspinner Press | Amazon | All Romance Ebooks


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Today His Soul To Take Will be Free

HisSoultoTakeLgToday His Soul to Take my m/m paranormal novella, will be free during the Dreamspinner Press Tweetaway. The novella will be free from 9-10pm EST tonight. So if you’re at all curious about my work, feel free to give it a shot. I’m calling it a free teaser to give everyone a taste of my work since my new release Memory Kick is coming out the 8th.

I hope you enjoy it. And I have to admit this story still brings a smile to my lips as I remember Death and Robert. Two very lonely men who find each other. I hope you find their story a memorable one.

Have a great day.

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Memory Kick Teaser

Memory Kick400x600My new release Memory Kick is due to be released Nov. 8th. To celebrate I thought I’d give everyone a few excerpts to wet your whistle until release. Today I bring you a kiss.

A little background:

They are leaving the space station where Cameron and Qusay met. Qusay is leading Cameron through the station trying to avoid bounty hunters. Cameron has a ship waiting to take Qusay away to someplace safe.


Memory Kick by C.M. Torrens

Gay SF Romance


Published by Dreamspinner Press

Qusay shoved the thought away and headed through the greenhouse—which was more of a three-story, five-acre park. Coming out on the top floor, he took a moment to enjoy the view. He was going to miss this park. It was one of the few good things he liked about this station. The air even smelt nicer here. Green and damp and full of life.

Tall trees reached for the ceiling and greenery tiered each level. Brightly colored flowers and lush, tropical plants added splashes of color to an otherwise bland backdrop of cold metal-gray walls. A digital sky overhead was in an eclectic style, with odd colors and ever-changing clouds as the hexagon sun traveled through the ceiling screen. The nights were even more spectacular. The stars had color at night. Jay told him it was just that the programming was off that made things look oddly shaped and colored, but he liked the alieness of the sky. It felt more real than an actual one would have.

Cameron touched his arm. “We should keep going.”

He fought the countless aches and pains that still battered his body and headed down the three stories of steps. His ribs burned by the time they made it to the mulch path at the bottom, and he took another moment just to recover a bit.

“Are you okay?” Cameron asked. Qusay gritted his teeth. Did he even care? Guilt was making him do this, nothing more. He’d take guilt, though. Guilt to get away from this mess and disappear again. God, he wished he could remember. The void where his memories should be nagged at him. There were too many questions he had no answers to.

“Give me a second, okay?”

“Your ribs are pretty bruised. Do you need to sit a minute?”

He rolled his eyes. “First you say hurry, then you say sit. What do you want me to do? I can’t do both.”

Cameron stared at him with that stupid patient look Qusay had become familiar with. Well, not stupid. There was nothing stupid looking about Cameron. God damn it, even confusion looked good on that man.

“Qusay!” A voice called.

He felt Cameron stiffen behind him but put on his best smile and turned to face Jay. “Hi, Jay, baby,” Qusay said, as the tall blond man appeared from farther down the greenhouse path.

“God, you are a popular man these days,” Jay said, flashing him a smile. “Station Security wants to talk to you about what happened at Otis’s and a couple of guys from off station asked about you, too. What’d you do? You didn’t—” Jay stopped short and eyed Cameron. “Well, hello again.”

Qusay twitched. Again ?

He really didn’t want to know how Jay and Cameron knew each other, and put himself between the pair. “I really have to go, hon. I have a client right now.”

“Mmm, yes, we’ve met.” Jay looked Cameron over and moved toward him. “If you get a hankering for blonds, look me up, cutie.”

Qusay fought the twinge of jealousy that flashed through him. He had no claim on Cameron. Whether Cameron took Jay to his bed was none of his business. But no matter how logical that all sounded, the sting in his chest didn’t ease.

He glanced at Cameron, trying to gage his reaction. There was no lust or any of the other things he was used to seeing in men who paid for time, but the man was so hard to read, sometimes, it was difficult to say.

Qusay rubbed at the ache in his chest and Jay leaned in close to him. “Remember what I said, sweetie.”

Qusay shot Jay a dark look, but couldn’t help but remember his friend’s advice. Shaking his head, he glared at Jay as he wandered away. Cameron was still here, wasn’t he? Still trying to help him. And damn it, the man didn’t seem to want him, much to his frustration.

“A… friend?” Cameron said.

Qusay looked him over a long moment. “Jay is well… Jay. You really don’t listen to me, do you? I told you before, nothing is free here. Not friendship, not information, not sex. Nothing.” He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Come on. Jay will give me up to the highest bidder within the hour. 18 Dock is just one level down now.”

“You need better friends.”

“He’s just trying to live, just like the rest of us.” Qusay looked him over before leading the way through the park. “Who’s to say you’re any better than him?”

“That’s not fair.”

Cameron looked so damn sincere it made his brain hurt. He bit back the frustration welling up inside him. He wanted so much to believe Cameron was someone different.

Qusay led the way out of the park and through the back corridors toward the docks. He didn’t know what to think anymore. If it wasn’t sex, it had to be money. Since he didn’t have any, the bounty only made sense. And what if Cameron was lying to him? What if he really was going to give him away to CompCore?

No. He didn’t believe that. He couldn’t believe that.

Cameron grabbed him. Strong arms spun him around and had him pinned against the wall. Cameron’s hot mouth crushed against his, bruising Qusay’s lip. Qusay felt himself crumble against those lips. His heart raced. The heat, the hunger, the passion—he gave everything back in turn, letting himself get lost in that kiss. The scent of leather and spice wrapped around him, and he let himself sink deeper.

Then it was gone.

Qusay stared at Cameron for a moment and that infuriating blank look stared back at him.

“Hunters,” Cameron whispered.

Qusay’s heart fell with a crash as he stared up at Cameron. It took all he had not to shove Cameron away. All that hope dashed in a single word. “Don’t you ever kiss me like that again. You haven’t paid for that pleasure.”

Cameron stepped back. He looked like he was about to say something but Qusay didn’t care. Shoving Cameron aside, he fought to stay calm. The man drove him insane. He didn’t know if he was coming or going half the time. One minute there was a gentle touch on his thigh, the next he was jumping away as if he were contaminated. Qusay couldn’t deal with the mixed signals.

The corridors between them and the docks were filled with security, and Qusay’s heart raced a little faster. Cameron urged him beside the massive window that looked down on the blue planet below. A sudden thought occurred to him. He was leaving, really leaving the station. Cameron was really taking him away.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the snippet. I really loved writing these two. Qusay was as much a pleasure to write as he was painful. But this book as a whole just grabbed me and took over. I’m a pantser type of writer but this one had me hanging on for dear life and I can honestly say, I had no idea how it was going to end until I got there.

A true pleasure writing it, I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Memory Kick has a shiny cover.

Good morning everyone! Memory Kick has a fantastic cover. The book is due out Nov-Dec of this year so keep an eye out for it.

Drum roll please……

Memory Kick400x600

Hehe, isn’t it great?

The wonderful cover artist is Reese Dante. She is awesome with cherries on top. If I could keep her as mine forever I would. lol

Unofficial Blurb:
Memory Kick
Gay SciFi Romance Novel
Publisher Dreamspinner Press

Lost and missing his memory, Qusay has turned to Kick to help ease his pain while warming beds to feed his addiction. His years on the space station have taught him life’s rules; nothing is free. Meeting Cameron, who seems to want nothing from him, leaves Qusay confused but hopeful that Cameron’s different from other men. Finding the courage to ask for help Qusay discovers there’s a price on his head for the memories locked away.

 Cameron has seen people turn their lives around but when his attempt to help Qusay unravels a slew of trouble, they soon find themselves on the run. As each day brings them closer, Cameron’s feeling grow. Qusay’s eventual capture tears at Cameron’s soul and he’s forced to decide how much he cares, before the memory ‘treatments’ leave Qusay a tattered and empty shell.

I love this story its sweet and dark. The relationship between Cameron and Quasy is great, and when Cameron commits he commits with everything he has.  I have to admit, I fell in love with these two. Qusay was especially fun and difficult to write. Anyway, that’s enough from me, have a great week.

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