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No Plot Bunnies for You!

I haven’t posted a plot bunny post in awhile because I have successfully built a giant bunny-proof bubble around myself until  In Darkness book two is ready to toss on my editor’s desk. This anti-plot bunny bubble is called, *shudders* a deadline.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. Plot Bunny General 001 is  a tricky little bunny. She’s attempted to send the plot bunny equivalent to the special forces to try and take me down. And man… some of them were so hard to resist I weep with my inability to let myself be captured.

I have, however resisted. Let’s just hope it stays that way, just for a little while longer. 😀


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Adventures in Plot Bunny Land – Tossing Friends a Life Preserver

PLOTBUNNYHow writers help one another when the plot bunnies attack. Because, you know, we’re just that nice. 😀

Lanny whimpered. “I might have just been attacked by a plot bunny. I’ve totally started plotting a different magic story tonight. Save me.”

KK and Chrissy stared at Lanny but didn’t move.

Lanny glared at the pair. “You guys are supposed to stop me from letting the bunnies get attached.”

“Nope, its not in the contract.” KK said, eyeing the writerly friends contract in her hands.

“Dude, it totally is!” Lanny said.

“I don’t see it, but here.” Chrissy said and grabbed a life preserver and tossed it over to Lanny.

KK snickered. “It has a bunny logo on it. And look at that, EARS!”

Lanny whimpered again growing lost in the bunnies starting to pile up around her. “You guys are so mean.”



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Adventures in Plot Bunny Land – Where Stories Come From

PLOTBUNNY Writers are always asked where their stories come from. And to be honest, we really don’t know. They just pop into our heads usually while we’re doing something mundane. Other times its like we writers are trying to give ideas to our friends, but I have a theory of what goes on behind the scenes.  Plot bunnies are crafty little devils and I swear, they’re vicious!

Episode VI

Plot Bunny General 001 squinted around the room, looking at her soldiers all crammed into the war room. The sea of fuzzy bodies twitched nervously in their camo fatigues, each one was armed with ropes and hooks to insure their attachment.

“Listen here you grunts, our invasion plans have fallen on deaf ears. But that just means you have to work twice as hard to take out your writer. I’m getting sick of seeing you come back with no results. Are you burrow bunnies or are you plot bunnies? Do I need to send you back to your mommas? A can’t hear you!”

“Ma’am! No, ma’am!” The troops shout filled the room voices growing more determined as the general spoke.

“That’s right boys and girls, we’re plot bunnies, not some milk-sucking, dirt-grubbing burrow bunnies. That means I want you to get your shit into gear. The first bunny who returns empty handed will be scrubbing latrines for the next week. Do I make myself clear?”

“Ma’am! Yes, ma’am!”

“Excellent. Now I want every one of you to grab an idea on your way out and go get them. I don’t want to see your furry asses back here until you’ve found your host.

“Make me proud, boys and girls. I know you have it in you. There are plenty of writers out there, but we are many. We will be victorious!” General 001 nodded to the group huddled around the room. “Now go get ’em.”

The room filled with the roar of plot bunnies, each eager to find their own writer. Armed with an idea and enough hooks, rope, chains and sticky-tape to attached to twice their number, they raced out into the world eager to find their next victim.


And that my friends is how we writers come up with our ideas. And why we can be doing something as simple as doing dishes, reading the newspaper or browsing the internet when they attack.

Have a great week!


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Adventures in Plot Bunny Land – Memory Kick

PLOTBUNNY For your amusement I have decided to reenact how my story, Memory Kick (working title and still out on submission) came to be. 

Strangely enough, it all started right after one of my subs got that shiny acceptance email that makes every writer’s heart get a little giddy to see.

I had been pondering SFR for awhile. I have a bunch of crap on this computer and 60% is SF and SFR, the rest being everything else. My first subs to be accepted might have been paranormal and horror, but who can resist space bunnies?

Without further ado, Episode V.

Chrissy sat down at her computer trying hard not to fidget while she waited to tell her friends the fantastic news of a sale. This was always squee worthy in her small writerly world and best celebrated with friends who knew just how grand these things were.

She twitched with excitement and pulled up a blank landscape to have some writers’ play time before friendly faces joined hers at the writers hub. She eyed the land-loving bunnies a long moment before she turned her eyes to the sky.

Stars twinkled overhead but she couldn’t quite make them out.  Squinting she could just make out the blurry outline of a bunny. It had an odd sort of shape, and she took off her glasses to see if it was just a smudge on the lenses.

Wiping the glasses clean, she put them back on and looked back at the sky.

The bunny leaped out, catching her by the arm and took off. Against the back drop of the sky she could barely see two feet in front of her.

The bunny jumped through space, dragging her with him. Stars kept hitting her in the head clouding all thoughts of the past. Fur tickled her nose and she sneeze and the both careened down the dark hall of a space station. She barely had time to look around before he was dragging over heavy steel grates, causing more than a few friction burns along the way.

By the time the trip was over Chrissy was exhausted and sprawled out on the grass of the terraformed world around her. The sun was just cresting over the horizon and for the first time she really got a good look at the bunny that attacked her.

Oh, he was a good looking little critter and she was glad he abducted her and told her his story.

The moral of the story.

Don’t stop and clean your glasses unless you’re prepared to dragged away by persistent bunnies.

… What do you mean that’s not a moral?

Eh, you take what you want from my story, I’ll take mine. 😉

Have a great week everyone.


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Plot Bunny Land – Attack of the Enabler

PLOTBUNNYI’ve recently been bunnied. *sigh* KK is lucky I like her, and the bunny is a little one. I might just be playing with a bunny today.

Here’s how my afternoon went.

Episode IV

“I’m writing a zombie bunny for an antho call. Wanna see?” KK pulled a small bunny from behind her back and set it out on display between us. It winked, grinned and started making inappropriate zombie jokes while we sat drinking tea and coffee.

Chrissy laughed. “It looks like a fun bunny. When’s the Antho due?”

“Its not until May. You know, I see several over there behind you.”

Chrissy looked over her shoulder at a crop of bunnies springing up from the brush. Their eyes glinted with mischief and they were all so very small, harmless really.

Chrissy picked up one bunny and studied him a moment. “This is a Frankenstein’s Monster bunny. I’m not sure I can make this one smexy. Maybe that witch resurrection zombie bunny over there.”

Putting him down Chrissy started browsing the others that began sniffing much too close. (She really should have known better than to be bunny browsing with KK. There’s no such thing as window shopping with her around.)

“No-no, look at him,” KK said, picking up the Frankenstein’s monster bunny. “All those wonderful silvery scars, each bit a part to make a whole perfect man.”

Chrissy eyed the bunny KK had in her hands. The more she looked at it, the more interesting he seemed. She could almost picture him in his own story.


KK grinned. “You’re very welcome. I retain my title as the Enable.”

Chrissy chuckled. “Was there ever really any doubt?”



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Adventures in Plot Bunny Land III

PLOTBUNNYThe names of the not-so-innocent have been changed to protect the identity of the authors.

Episode III

KK poked at her bunny and frowned. “This is supposed to be a no smexy bunny. How come when you’re told no smexy all you want to do is write it?”

Chrissy looked over KK’s shoulder at the line of nude bunnies lined up wearing nothing but leaves. A few were getting frisky under a tree and a couple of others were giving lap dances.

“Yeah, that’s always how it goes. Bunnies are bad for that,” Chrissy agreed.

“I should write squick! A pleasure zombie.”

Chrissy laughed. “Well, that would be different.”

KK sighed heavily and stared back at her bunny. It winked at her and licked its lips.

“Watch it,” KK said to the bunny. “I’ll exchange you for something less smexy.”

Chrissy looked back over KK’s shoulder at the line of frisky bunnies frolicking in the field behind her. She had a feeling that KK was going to have a difficult time finding a less frisky plot bunny anytime soon.


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Adventures in Plot Bunny Land II

PLOTBUNNYWhen an innocent walk through Pinterest turns into a bunny mob all because you decided to rearranged your boards. It all began with an innocent comment by Ell.



Episode II

“I’m trying to look up images for Khan (her adorable fuzzy little dragon creature from one of her books). He’s fuzzy, I’m thinking something like this.” Ell said and popped up a link of a cute little ferret in chat.

Chrissy stared at her pinterest boards open in another window. “Huh, I don’t have many dragon images. Let me see what I can find.”

Conversation in chat drifted into the background as Chrissy started her google-fu. She soon found herself creating another board and pinned several images of dragon and fae and other mythical creatures.

Realizing she was getting a bit obsessed and sidetracked she stopped and checked the main board on pinterest to examine the recent pins.

Handsome men filled the screen beside images of dragons and other interesting tidbits. Ghostly images and bright eyed nymphs all begged for a story of their own. They looked so fascinating, Chrissy had to stop and stare just to enjoy the view.

Bunnies attacked out of no where. They jumped out from behind bright eyed men and muscle bound hulks. Mobs of them. They carried little ropes and mischievous smiles as they circled the unsuspecting writer. One was wearing a kilt, and shouted William Wallace style. He looked so fierce in his face paint and cute little plot bunny ears were shoved back away from his face and fell down his back.

Chrissy whimpered. She was doomed before she could close the screen.

With a heavy sigh, she picked up the William Wallace bunny and bundled him carefully with a dragon. Shapeshifters, spells and curses drifted through her head as she studied the new bunny and added him to her bunny hutch.

One of these days she might learn her lesson, but probably not anytime soon.


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