Ink is Dry. Pack Born Series Book 2

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So a bit of a squee! Book 2, Cutting Ties, Pack Born series that’s to start coming out at the end of this year is officially in production. The ink is dry and life is good. Hope everyone enjoys these books as much as I’m enjoying writing them. Dante is one of my favorite characters. He’s grown so much since book 1.

Shhh, no spoilers but things are about to get serious, as if they weren’t before. I can promise lots of death, lots of chaos and a lot more about the hybrids, August and the mysterious Mistress.

Stay tuned. 😀

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2016, Don’t Harsh my Mellow

graphics-fireworks-634603I love that phrase. I know its a dated phrase, but I love it just the same.

I’m a mellow person. I try not to let little things stress me down. Its the big things that can crush me. RL crushed us two years ago. It still gives us fits from time to time. The timing was horrible too (not that any timing would have been good). I was just starting to get my feet wet with my writing career. Things were starting to look like maybe I could do this writing thing;  when hubby was suddenly in an accident.  When your old man is suddenly unable to walk around the house and monthly income drops to about 20% of what we were used to, yeah some things just have to be put on hold.

Things are much better now. He’s not where he was before the accident and probably never will be, but we’re good and stable and things are back to a relative normal.

That was two years and some change ago. The last part of 2015 was all about getting back on the writing horse. And I did. I sold. woohoo that got my confidence back up, so I can officially say, I am back, baby! And I’m here to stay. So long as life doesn’t harsh my mellow again, I’ll be typing away until my little fingers are nubs and begging people to buy these things I call manuscripts.

So, dearest 2016, you better not f#cking harsh my mellow. I’m in a good f#cking place right now and if you f#ck with me, you will see the wrath of woman like you have never seen before.

Oh! Yes. If you thought that when I said I was a mellow person that I meant, June Clever on Prozac, hahahahahah! No. I raised two kids in today’s world, honey. Wrath of God ain’t got shit on me. Happy New Year!

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New Shapeshifter Series News_Pack Born


After polishing out a few bumps, I have a new shapshifter series coming out. The first book The Alpha’s Weave is due to be released in October 2016 by the wonderful people at DSPP. And I even have an official title for you.

Pack Born Series

Book 1: The Alpha’s Weave

Book 2: (working title) Cutting Ties

Book 3: TBD

Book 4: TBD

These books are gay urban fiction with dose of romance, so I can’t really put them into the romance category. But for those interested in a new take on the same old shifters, battles for world order, men fighting in the nude, vampire nephilim, hybrid creatures and a little romance thrown in, you might just like these.

I should have more information for you soon, but hang tight, and I’ll update as soon as I can.

I have to say, Dante, the main character, has been in my head for a very long time. I hope he captures your heart like captured mine. I’m so very glad his story will finally be told.

Have a great day everyone,


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Stages of Writing a Novel

This is What Writing a Novel Looks Like.

Danger Plot Bunnies 291. Writer watches the cutest little plot bunny hop around the room. Its sexy and sassy and the writer can’t help but be drawn to the adorable little thing.

2. The stealthy writer begins to urge said plot bunny to tell its story. The writing begins.

3. The plot bunny takes a vacation about half way through telling his story leaving the writer scrambling to fill in the blanks.

4. Other interesting plot bunnies begin to visit. The writer must resist all temptations or its very likely the original bunny of a story will end up on the never finished folder in pit that is unfinished story ideas.

5. The persistent writer somehow manages to scrape together a draft of the story. The writer is happy for the first time in a while and enjoys a brief sigh of relief.

6. Relief for the poor writer doesn’t last long as they begin to read the drivel they put on the page. And while some of it may make the writer have some hope that there is really a story in the mass of words, the rest will make the writer cringe at the thought of what is still to come. The edits.

7. The write begins their edits with the vague hope of creating a coherent piece of work out of the rough draft that is in front of this. Tears, bruises (from head hitting desk) and the temptation to drink until the headache subsides must be overcome.

8. If the writer makes it through the edit phase, they will then give the work over to trusted readers and/or writerly friends to rip to shreds. This is where thick skin from years of rejections comes into play and the hope that something, maybe a tiny glimmer of something good is really in those pages.042.Organize.Web

9. The second pass of edits includes more rounds of bruising and tears, before the final polish.

10. If a writer is really unlucky this will not be the end of things for the WIP in question. Oh no, if the writer is really unlucky they will then find something said readers missed, and will weep some more before tackling the problem.

11. If you thought the writer was done at this point, I’m sorry to tell you, no. One might wish things were that easy, but they aren’t. At this point the writer must condense the entire story into a blurb of 150 words or so. This not only has to hook the editor, but give an interesting take on the story in question When every word counts and may or may not draw the attention of an editor, this is rough.

12. Nope, the writer still isn’t done. The writer must now condense the entire story into a synopsis, which is a bit of hell in and of itself. A few pages of condensed story that is both interesting and complete.

… still think a writer is done?

13. Dream on. If the writer isn’t sure where to send said story, research must be done. Careful research. The guidelines for submissions must be followed to the letter. If the guidelines call for purple text, well then, the writer better get that right. And if they’ve been through this stage more than once, they sure as HELL better get it right because its professionalism at its best.

14. The submission is checked, rechecked, cover letter triple checked, blurb tweaked, synopsis picked over and finally everything is sent via the exact submission instructions off to the editor/publisher/agent or what have you.

15. The writer is relieved once again. For about twenty seconds before panic begins to set in. If the writer is really unlucky they will find they made a mistake, a small typo, or could have used a better word in the cover letter. But nothing can be done now. Its sent. Its off. And for the next 8 to 12 weeks (longer for traditional publishing) the writer will wait, hovering by the mail wondering if the story will get a new home.

16. The results of this last step varies. It could end in tears, it could end in a contract. Either way, its still not over. Either personal edits after a Rejection or impending editor edits, cover sheet forms to fill out, and other things we will not go into because at this point, its just rinse and repeat of several steps above.

17. If the writer is lucky and everything goes well, by this step, everything has been done just right and the writer has a date for publication. The writer still isn’t done, unfortunately. How I wish it was. Because once this step has come to pass, there’s promo that must be set up. Blog tours, snippets, interviews, just to get your name out there in a huge sea of other writers doing the same thing as you.

18. The conclusion.
Writing is hard and don’t let anyone tell you its not work. If they do, show them this list.
No, editors do not edit your work for you. They polish and find the problems you missed.
No, your publisher does not do promotion for you. You must do it yourself. If you happen to have a publisher that does a little of the leg work on this. Keep them, make them happy, and kiss them, because this is rare.
No, you are not likely to make tons of money.
And finally… Yes and No.
Is all this shit worth it?
Yes, because if I wasn’t writing to sell, I’d still be writing.
And No, its not but if I wasn’t writing to sell, I’d still be writing.

Have a great day everyone. Don’t be frustrated with the process, it is what it is. But if you’re the type of writer who would still be writing whether you are trying to sell or not, might as well try and sell, right? Make a few bucks (and yes I do mean only a few). But never forget the first part. That wonderful part where the bunny hops by and says, I’m cute and sassy. Write me. Because that’s the best part right there.

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The What If’s and Writing What You know

To Write What You Know

Feather_Pen_clip_art_hightI’ve been feeling nostalgic lately. Mistakes made by all, things done, injustices that have stacked up, and bright moments that kept me going. All of these things that have shaped who I am today. It also shapes my writing.

Which brings me to a subject that’s been bothering me for some time. The ever present, “write what you know”. I can’t tell you how much I HATE that phrase. I hate it with a passion, because it is so misleading and confusing to new writers I want to scream.

People are always telling others to write what they know but I don’t agree. I never have. Writing must, at least to many writers, be an adventure. We write to take the reader into our minds and show them what fascinating things are trapped inside our heads. I have never met Death, I don’t believe in things that go bump in the night, I will never see a space station. I am not writing what I know. Far from it. I’m writing what I want to find out.

Writing, at least when writing fiction, isn’t about writing what you know. It’s the question that drives the story. “What would happen if…?” If you have an angry hero sitting in a bar, what would happen if his ex walked in and started hitting on the hero’s best friend? I don’t know. What if they aren’t in a bar at all but trapped in a room they can’t get out of? What if…? Its the most beautiful question in the world. There is no question I love more than that one.

Now, I’m not saying, write what you know, is a bad thing at all. But it IS misleading and confusing. Where write what you know comes from is the characters themselves. Have you ever been angry or betrayed? Everyone knows what that feels like. This is what drives the characters. Anger, fear, love and hate, the things everyone has felt at one point in time. You can imagine a character and imagine how they would react using your own experience to feel with them and put that feeling into words. BUT if you know your characters the, write what you know, comes naturally. It flows from them because it’s in you, or pieces of you and people you’ve known. Its your past and present but that’s far from all there is.

Characters don’t live in a vacuum and a story must have plot. And that my friend, is where the most beautiful of all questions comes into play. What if. What if a serial killer fell in love? What if a man who hates heights was stuck at the top of the Sears Tower (yes, I know its not called the Sears Tower any more, you know what I mean), What if a dog could talk, a gerbil could make coffee, and humans were extinct? These aren’t just plot questions, they’re character questions, they’re questions that can fill your writing with new and interesting things.

So, in closing, we should use what we know. Use your past, use your memory of emotions, people, and things you know, but really, if you want to enjoy writing. Write what you want to find out and ask the most beautiful question in the world. What if.

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Getting Back on the Horse is Harder than I Thought

Feather_Pen_clip_art_hightAfter so long away from writing, getting back on the horse is harder than I imagined. I mean, even in my non-writing state, I was writing. Just little bits here and there that I would abandon. Thoughts and ideas scribbled in my old worn moleskin with its bright red cover and elastic so used it has little give left in it. I even picked up a new one. This one’s black, but I kind of miss the bright red, its easier to find on my cluttered desk.

But as I sat at my desk with the full intention of writing or finishing one of the many projects inside dozens of folders, I couldn’t decide on a single one. Should I write the sequel everyone wants? There’s a few versions of it, but none I like. There’s this almost finished WIP that just needs a few plot tweaks to complete, but significant enough to make me wince. And what about this other story that about half done? Or that other very old WIP that I love so much but just don’t know what should be done with it? So many decisions. Decisions I used to make on the fly and just run with, now I’m spending countless hours picking at four separate WIPs which means nothing will ever get done.

As I thought back on it, during my most active writing modes, I wrote, not what I thought needed to be written, but what I wanted to write. Finding what I wanted to write was hard. Stress dulls the imagination, everything sounds worn and reused, nothing seems bright and shiny anymore. I had to remember to laugh. Had to remember that mistakes are a given, and can always be fixed. I had to remember that I write because I LIKE it.

No, let me correct myself. I write because I love it. I love stories. I love characters. I love building worlds and showing people what interesting place they can go if they just follow a few words on a page. This is what I love doing. If I didn’t love it, I would have given up. The pay sucks, the hours are horrid, and the mental exhaustion wears at you, BUT I do what I love and not many people can say that.

So, here’s to getting back on the horse and reminding myself, I’m not perfect, I can make mistakes, I can fix them and polish them until they’re pretty, and that I really love what I do. Its time for me to write what I love. So that’s what I’m doing.


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Back from the Dead

For those who don’t know, I apologize for my long and sudden absence. Life invaded just over a year ago when my Hubby was in a serious motorcycle accident. Things were chaotic to say the least. I haven’t written a things since, and I’m just now trying to get back on the horse.

It was a bad bit of timing, but seriously when is there good timing for things like this? But I’m back now. Or one does hope I’m getting there. Bit at a time, I’m trying to get back to my usual writing speed and crank out something *crosses fingers* this year. Though it may not be on the things people are most hoping for.

Getting back on the horse is proving a little difficult. My brain is stuck in ‘omg this sucks’ mode. Don’t worry, I have just the friends to pull me out of my funk. So, I’m soldiering on and with anything luck I’ll be out of the ‘OMG this sucks’ mode and back to, ‘Fuck it, you can edit this crap later’ mode.

On the plus side, I’m a grandma now. Yes, I say that with mixed joy and horror because I don’t really think I’m old enough to be a grandmother. Then again, those miniature people you used to yell at to not put things into their mouths, eventually grow up into actual adults. You can only hope you did a good job at getting them there in one piece. So far, it seems we did a pretty good job, and my son is a fantastic father. My grand-baby has brought us much joy in a year when we needed it most.

Anyway, onward and upward! Have a great day all.


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