Free Reads

I’ve always been a big fan of free reads. They give you a taste of the author’s style before shelling out the cash for a book that you may or may not like. So, to give you a taste, and because I enjoy writing little stories like this, here are some free reads for you to browse.

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Haunted Kisses Collection


Haunted Kisses a Short Story Collection

By C.M. Torrens

A collection of three short stories ranging from m/m erotic horror to a sweet story of memories and love. All hold the theme of death and/or loss.

These are intended for adult readers and may have scenes of explicit m/m sex, horrible deaths, and gay romance. If you don’t like the idea of any of these things, these stories are probably not your cup of tea.

Haunted Kisses Short Story Collection Freebie

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One Last Goodbye

David knows that leaving his lover, Brian for the afterlife will shatter him. He has one night to ease his partner’s pain and give him one last goodbye.

This story has a heat rating of erotic.

Download One Last Goodbye PDF Free