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Guest Elise Hepner, Erotic Romance Author- Fairytale Hotties!

Fairytale Hotties

Today, C.M. was nice enough to host me in on her blog so I could talk about the sweet and wickedly hot heroes of fairy tales. A majority of these are movie heroes because I don’t want random strangers peeking into my head to look at what book heroes look like inside my head—they’re mine and you can’t have them. Plus, I imagine that would be bad for my brain. And I need for writing. But believe me when I say, my imagination doesn’t skimp on anything.

Without further ado here are my tried and true collection of fairy tale hotties:

James Marsden as Prince Charming in Enchanted:

This movie holds a very special place in my heart. Back when DH was my boyfriend we went to go see it together on our trip to Disney World on our two year anniversary. This was also the night he gave me my promise ring and told me basically “This is it, us, I’m done” but a lot prettier than that. So a year and a half later when he proposed and it was time to get married, I used the ballroom song from Enchanted as our first dance. I love the whole concept of Prince Charming in this movie, puffy sleeves and all, and I’m glad he got his happily ever after even without the fair maiden. Plus, hello, he’s drool worthy as hell!

James MacAvoy as Max/Johnny in Penelope

I don’t know what my fascination with James’s are today, but I can’t turn down a musical bad boy who wants to do right so badly in this quirky fairytale. From the moment he opened his mouth in this movie, I was smitten. And the way he has this particular look about him, as if he can see inside to the deepest part of a woman. Gut wrenching sexiness. He completely swept me off my feet in this movie even if he had no castle or gold to offer Penelope, his love was certainly enough. Though I think I’d want a little more than love, like some shirtless, pants less action. That sounds about right.

Flynn Rider voiced by Zachery Levi

I’ve got to admit…I’ve got a small thing for an animated character. I don’t know who this Zachery Levi person is, but he brought Flynn to life. So much so that I wish he was real so he could throw his wit and sarcasm my way and we would banter until dawn. *swoon*. Unfortunately, he’s a pretty piece of paper or CGI somewhere in the Disney studios made with super vibrant colors and someone with a penchant for Zachery Quinto eyebrows. So no such luck in getting him near me any time soon. But maybe if I wish upon a star? That’s supposed to make dreams come true, at least that’s how it happens in all the fairytales I know of. I think tonight I have a date with a shiny star and some wine.

Max Irons as Henry in Red Riding Hood

I’m so, so sorry to say that I went to see this movie in theaters. Dear God it was awful from start to finish and if I hadn’t paid an arm and a leg to watch this, I would have walked out. People all around the theater were bantering, making fun of it, and laughing at the tribal dance scene. The only thing that made the big screen worth my time was Max in all his “Am I or Am I not the Werewolf?” glory. And Red was an idiot for not seeing the incredible hotness, protectiveness, and all around good man that wanted to marry her. He was the perfect man aside from his deep need to kill paranormal, giant wolves. But hey, maybe we could make it work if he came back a little sweaty and dirty from a hunt…yeah…I’m okay with that picture. Thank God for Max Irons. That’s all I’ve got to say.

* * *

Author Elise Hepner

Title: Not So Pure

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Romance ebook

White runs from her prison of a past and enters into a sexual deal with seven men that alters the course of her life for eternity. Caught between her need to take control and making up for her serious lack of good sex, she enters a wonderland of kinky possibilities with men who show her that Prince Charmings come in all shapes and sizes. For White and her men—once upon a time doesn’t cut it—three or four times sound just about right.
With each partner—not always one at a time—White beats back her trust issues. But the shadow of her past comes back to haunt them all. Now she must introduce them to her personal battle, hoping they’ll fight beside her as their sinful nights turn into hellish days. Happily ever after isn’t by the books anymore.


Bright morning sunshine filtered through the trees, casting warmth all over her dirty body, and not bothering to look down at herself, she continued to pick her way through the forest. The light breeze blowing against her cheek was thick with scents from the night before—blooming night jasmine and sweat. She gritted her teeth against the nausea rooted in her stomach and noticed the fine shaking running up her bare thighs. How long could she go without food or water before she passed out? Her last meal had been yesterday afternoon, would that be enough? She didn’t know.A plan was paramount.

She heard stories of men out here. They all lived together outside of town, away from the glitz and glamour of the city. Would they help or not? Either she found the nearest path back to a main road or she searched for a random cottage. There was no way to tell which would be easier.

Why had she even gone with Huntsman! This train of thought would get her nowhere and at least she was out of the house. She quickly stopped questioning and made a choice.

She would try to find the infamous cottage in the woods.

The reasoning was simple enough. It was logically easier to persuade a few people to help her out than walking to town and relying on a larger group of people. With more people, the odds of them saying no went up. Townspeople had that “who me?” aspect to them that made ignorance bliss. So many people would probably glance out of the corner of their eye at her begging and hurry along because of the implications of helping street filth.

And that’s what she looked like right now. With no money, no prospects and no work experience, so she had to start from scratch—there wasn’t much else but pity to fall back on.

This wasn’t a fairytale where someone would slip money into her hand and offer her a warm bed for the night. Most people were too selfish. White was better off going one-on-one with a group of men who’d already shed society’s rules by living in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, the trip was neither close nor easy.

Now she was caked in god-knows-what, looking toward the morning sky and waiting for a cottage to come in sight. What other option did she have? There was no indication of what awaited her there. But it had to be better than what was back in the woods—embracing destiny and all that jazz.

Or running away from it,” she mumbled.

All the same. But it was hard to ignore her survival instincts. They had at least gotten her out of that prison and from now on it was her own way or she could bolt if she wanted to. Yet, this was the first time she’d been out of the house in how long? For a second her whole world rotated a hundred and eighty degrees.

The fresh air was joyous as it whipped around her half-naked body. It moved along the sensitive nape of her neck and brushed lightly against her shoulders and her spine. Inside her head it was peaceful and maddening all at once. Sure, she could do whatever she wanted now—that was a relief—but she couldn’t do anything without a good meal. So technically, she still didn’t have half as much independence as she would have liked.

When the sun came through the breaks at the top of the tree-line, the outline of a house was illuminated and she tried to hold back her curiosity. Her stomach plunged as nervous butterflies fluttered in her abdomen and she crossed her arms around her waist. This must be the place, they had an auto body shop and car parts were spread everywhere.

Everyone in town knew about the men who lived in the woods to get away from the catty glitz of the real world. People said the men lived in a fairytale. White believed it when she had the chance to examine the cottage up close. Aquamarine windows lined with chipped, coal black casings glistened with grease. There was a sloping roof with red tinted shingles, though some were missing in a weird pattern.

No one did the place justice—because it was a complete mess

Why would they need a door with bars on the peep-hole window? Were there normally robberies in the middle of a forest?

They topped it all off with a yard of rusted metal—which made sense because they were rumored to be mechanics. But motorcycle parts, engines, and tires laying out on the lawn without rhyme or reason? She supposed everyone had to have a hobby.

White gingerly sidestepped her way through the car parts. The scent of cooked meat beckoned her closer toward the door and her stomach twisted with hunger. Caught between the need to bang on the door or to let herself inside—damn the consequences—she settled for something in between both actions.

Hey!” White shouted, throat burning with thirst. “Can I get a little help out here?”

She moved toward the door when she heard footsteps because moving backward was cowardly. A man, judging by his broad shoulders. He peered through the window. Barred rectangular shadows hollowed his face and forehead. He slightly opened the door to peek out at her with suspicion through the small crack.

Maybe she had been expecting a deformity because they lived in the middle of nowhere. But when she searched his face for a pockmark or fake eye, all that she could see was the bone structure of a model with a little bit of scruff on his chin. His amber brown eyes narrowed. Wasn’t she the one who should be suspicious?

A tiny tremor shot up her spine when he opened the door all the way and eased his toned, sculpted frame through the gap. No peg leg either. From what she could see, he was all there. A perfect specimen. She absently rubbed the fuzz on her head, wondering why men did it electively. Like the stranger in front of her with white blond hair buzzed to his scalp. She dropped her hand and tightened her jaw.

He squinted at her because the sun was directly in his eyes. It meant he stood somewhere in the range of six-feet-four-inches with a high metabolism as evidenced by his lithe, muscular build. He rolled his shoulders, hands ducking into the pockets of a pair of brown corduroys. The cotton shirt he had on exuded spicy, musky man smell and she shifted from foot to foot.

Are you willing to help me?”

It depends on what you want and why you’re here.” His voice came out in a guttural lullaby. “Not many people venture out here without a car.”

He gave her a cursory once over with his eyes.

And you really don’t have much of anything.”

I just want some food and to get some sleep. It’s been a long night.” She crossed her arms, acting like his answer didn’t define the next few minutes. “I’ll be out of your house by morning if I can help it.”

Where are your clothes?”

Long story, but at least I have underwear, right?”

His gaze snapped up and down with heat flickering in his tawny pupils. That look was familiar, lust was easy to pinpoint. He wanted her even if he didn’t know it yet. So, there was a foothold now and she was going to take advantage of it.

If this is what it took to get some food, then so be it. Weirder things had transpired at the mansion—and worse things had been traded for drugs. Besides, whoever got anything in life for free?

A simple flashing wouldn’t do her any harm. She hadn’t seen anyone react to her body who wasn’t coked up or twice her age in awhile and deep inside she enjoyed knowing that he wanted her. A little thrill made her heart beat faster—no one else would see her half naked—they were in the middle of a forest. But the idea that someone could see turned her on more than she’d like to admit.

There was no getting around the fact that he was hot.

She uncrossed her arms and let them rest by her sides, giving him an eyeful of her breasts. Without pausing, he was by her side, offering his shirt with an outstretched hand.

W—what?” she stammered, uncertain.

I’d feel more comfortable talking to you if you were dressed.”

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