About C.M. Torrens

Warning! This author is know to throw fits, kill and maim characters and has a dark and often disturbing sense of humor. Be forewarned.

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About the Author

C.M. Torrens has traveled a great portion of the United States. She
was born in the East, raised in the West and bounced around until she
found her way to the Mid-west (much to her confusion). She currently
lives in a small city in Indiana not far from Chicago.

She tries to use some of the memories of the moves and travels in her
youth to help create worlds for her characters to live in. The grand
mountains, the heat of the deserts, crowded cities and humid bayous
each hold a memory of a time when she was once again a new creature
stepping into a world already inhabited by others. Sometimes it was a
time when she could reinvent herself and others it was just another
short stop in a place she knew she would never stay. She was among the
outsiders, never quite having enough time to fit in before moving away
once again.

Now she does her traveling on paper and creates her own worlds and
characters to populate the vast space in her mind. Many of her
characters are like her in a way. Outsiders. On the outside looking in
on the world she’s created. Sometimes they need to change and grow,
but in her worlds they make their marks on the land and carve
themselves a proper place to live and love. And through their stories
she’s carving out a piece of land for herself as well, one word at a